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One & Only FW18 Runway Show women and men styles

One of my favorite things about Montreal is our entrepreneurial spirit and sense of style. There is no shortage of fresh fashion designers and smart local brands, such as Theo Charpentier’s One & Only. We attended their Fall/Winter 2018 runway show at the White Wall Studio on November 2nd.

Studio Setup

Arriving at White Wall Studio, you noticed the open-space concept and dark wooden floors (swoon!). The models would later strike a pose in front of a white backsplash, and under the One & Only logo hanging from the ceiling. From where I was standing, we could easily people-watch. Observing young fashionistas with their one-of-a-kind looks schmoozing with their peers. Photographers, journalists and fashion lovers mingling among them. It was hypnotizing watching an entire ecosystem unfold!

The Man and The Brand

Luckily, I was able to have a chat with Charpentier before the show. One & Only represents both the brand and the designer himself. Only in his early twenties, Theo taught himself how to sew a year ago and has been creating ever since. Also, he is a “one-man-band” who does all things for the brand including the design, sewing, photography, and marketing.

As for the brand itself, each piece is unique yet all the pieces of the collection work together to tell the same story. The story of this season’s collection. Essentially, Theo is adamant that his brand was born as a “solution to a problem” above all. Fast fashion (i.e. the things that we buy from the stores) throws away SO much material yearly. Clearly, this is a wasteful practice and is terrible for our environment. In contrast, all One & Only pieces are hand-made from reused materials.

Designer’s Vision

Lastly, the designer defines fashion as something we consume and style as something we are. A style is something we use to identify ourselves, to tell others the story of who we really are. And this is what One & Only does since each piece is recycled and given a new life. Consequently, those who wear these unique pieces get to represent themselves and not a company.

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Runway Show

First of all, the show began with a short creative video highlighting some of the pieces in a behind-the-scenes manner. This gave us a clear idea of the brand’s culture. Theo then took the stage and shared his vision with the audience. He was very grateful for the team which helped put the show together and was clearly moved by the turnout – it looked like a full house to me!


Later, the models walked out to the live music of artist Jay Scøtt. With his amazing voice and impressive guitar chops, he set a great mood for the show. Furthermore, the models were all unique and did not conform to the extreme runway standards the fashion industry has been imposing for ages. As a result, it made us feel like these clothes were made for all of us. The 60 pieces were varied: some colorful some somber, some structural and some flowing. With such variety, it is easy to spot pieces that you personally identify with!

Pop-Up Shop

Finally, I loved taking part in this event for the One & Only Fall/Winter collection. If you are curious to see their pieces up close and personal, you definitely can. The new collection will be available this November 11th at Espace Pop (5587 du Parc) from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can click here for more information on this pop-up shopping experience.

For more on the Jano Lapin take on fashion and art, you can watch episode 5 of Art Impact now on MaTv.

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