Cirque Eloize HOTEL | Nostalgic Journey at Place des Arts

What would travelers answer when asked what Montreal is known for? Surely our circus scene comes up! One of the circuses whose amazing reputation precedes them is Cirque Eloize. Their contemporary shows mesmerize and move crowds around the world. We recently attended the premiere of their new show HOTEL taking place from November 14 to November 17 at the Theatre Maisonneuve of the Place des Arts.  This is Cirque Éloize’s 25th year!

Guests Getting the Star Treatment

First of all, hearing “Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are here!” was not a shabby welcome for us! As soon as we came up the stairs to the main venue, old-timey photographers came up to us and, like paparazzi, encouraged us to pose as they took photos. After that, we got a retro Polaroid as a souvenir of this glamorous moment. This being my first Cirque Eloize show, it was a great start to my evening!


About the Show

Secondly, HOTEL is the story of one place, a hotel, and the multiple (and sometimes wacky!) travelers passing through. Therefore, we see strangers meeting, friends and lovers reuniting and the hotel staff trying to keep it together. Above all, it was much to the image of the hotels you can imagine. Certainly, as a traveler myself, I always revel in the happenings of a hotel lobby. Always abuzz with movement and one million conversations. Similarly, the show brings you back to such fond memories.

Setting the Stage

Thirdly, the stage setting was a hotel lobby with a peek at the guest rooms in the backdrop. More specifically, the rooms were made of different geometric shapes that seemed to support each other and the performances themselves.  Meanwhile, the lighting set a nostalgic mood and strobe lights were giving more energy to certain movements. Lastly, the shadow of aerial performers on the walls of the Theatre Maisonneuve made everything feel like a dream.

Not Your Average Performances

Furthermore, I was very impressed by the performers because they were ALL multi-talented! On one hand, each one had a specialty. For example, hula-hooping, tightrope, juggling, contortion, aerial silks, main à main and more. On the other hand, everyone also sang, acted or played an instrument. Consequently, I don’t think the term “triple threat” is enough to do them justice. So there were traditional circus acts with a twist. Or multiple twists even.

As a result, we laughed, we were moved by the friendship and love witnessed on stage and could not stop gasping, wide-eyed, at each of the circus acts. Of course, the live music and the main singer gave us Coeur de Pirate/mysterious/wistful feels which fit seamlessly with the concept of the show.  In addition, you can check out the Cirque Eloize HOTEL Spotify playlist below to get an idea!

Attending the Cirque Eloize Show

To conclude, Cirque Eloize’s HOTEL is not only a treat, but it’s also an enthralling experience. Certainly, we left the theater and could not stop talking about how amazing we felt throughout the show. In short, if you like to feel constantly amazed with childlike wonder, I highly recommend this show for you. For more information click here and for tickets, it’s over here.

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