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One of the best things about discovering Montreal arts is also discovering the infinite amount of cool venues that host them. The Mainline Theatre is one of these venues. We recently attended a fresh new play, GRATITUDE at the Mainline. GRATITUDE is presented from November 21st to December 2nd.

Oren Safdie wrote and directs this play. He is a Montrealer and award-winning playwright and screenwriter. Oren’s creations have appeared both on TV and on Broadway!


Firstly, the play focuses on a teenage girl attending a fancy private high school in Montreal. More specifically, it observes her navigating her varied relationships with three boys in her class as well as her conservative family life. With a basic set design and only four actors, this play manages to convey a large spectrum of emotions. It also makes you see certain youth experiences in a different light.

Furthermore, I truly felt like I was back in high school but with a more serious “Gossip Girl/Elite” vibe. GRATITUDE looks at such issues as manipulation, sexual awakening, young love and discovering who you are as an individual. The audience felt all the cringe-worthy moments and the musings of teenage infatuation. Without forgetting the awkward laughter of embarrassment and the indignation in the face of bullying.

Gratitude 1

Lastly, we had a really good experience! If you’re looking to discover a new venue and to experience a familiar story with a twist ending and great performances, you will definitely enjoy GRATITUDE. For more info and for tickets, you can click here to head on over to the Mainline Theatre page for the play.

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