Le 9 septembre, j’achète un disque québécois – 5 Picks

Inspired by the popular Le 12 août, j’achète un livre québécois movement that has become a landmark, a similar initiative is seeing the light of day on the music side of things, with Le 9 septembre, j’achète un disque québécois.

To top it all tonight, a musical quiz at the Quai des Brumes, with many prizes to be won, a courtesy of some of Québec’s leading labels (Audiogram, Dare to Care Records, Grosse Boîte, Duprince, Coyote Records, Lazy at Work, Slam Disques).

If you’re planning to buy something today, why not go big (instead of going home) and choose the vinyl version? Here’s 5 picks of local artists/labels, no particular order and not meant to be definitive, from our collection that would make a perfect purchase! Have fun and long live the day!

38814982_10160592663890234_4093321549275201536_nAbbittibbi – Boomtown Café [Remasterisé] (1981)

An album that went under the radar when it released, it’s the first professional record of singer-songrwriter legend Richard Desjardins. The album is the perfect synthesis of Desjardins as a writer and performer. You get introduced to his all-powerful distinctive voice on tracks like Boomtown Café, his comedic songwriting on Le chant du bum  and to his poetic/softer side on Le beau grand slow.

This remastered version includes extra liner notes from Desjardins himself and the exclusive track There’s nothing there, recorded by the band in 1980 but that never got released until now!


51300709_10161220985590234_7160594708824064000_nAlex Henry Foster – Windows in the Sky (2018)

You’ve probably noticed by now how much we love this record by Alex Henry Foster (of Your Favorite Enemies fame), with the album being included in our November 2018 top 5. Even if the music does most of the talking by itself, it’s important to note how much a work of art is the vinyl version!

Handcrafted at the Fabrik, Your Favorite Enemies’ own creative atelier, the initial splattered edition quickly sold out. Back by popular demand, the singer is now proposing another beautiful ocean green marble-pattern version. Chances are you might even get a personal note from the man himself!

Purchase the album from YFE’s webstore and make sure to catch his return to Montréal at l’Astral on November 30!


45870475_10160940218850234_9218893064569880576_nLuc De Larochellière – Amère America [Édition spéciale 30e anniversaire] (1988)

The first record of De Larochelière‘s career and classic. Is there anything left to say about this mythical album and its title-track anthem? More than 50 000 units sold, 3 Félix won, and 30 years later, this anniversary edition includes 4 previously unreleased demos. Cheers!


35428375_10160371876025234_1985785619728564224_n.jpgLydia Képinski – Premier juin (2018)

One of, if not the best release of 2018 for yours truly, this is the first full-length album from Képinski. Lydia Képinski is a singular artist and this record, as well as everything surrounding it, proves it. One video for every track, a book/cd version, release of her full show at Cinéma L’amour on Youtube and, more recently, a full remix version of the album.

Order from her bandcamp and you might even get extra goodies: tote bag, notebook, matches or even some poker chips! On a class of her own…


IMG_7578Flying Hórses – Reverie (2019)

Included in our February top 5, this is our very own purchase of the day! This instrumental record is definitely a grower and will make the perfect soundscape for the upcoming colder days.

Watch the latest video for the track Comfort below!




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