MC DUVAL Vernissage | Inside the Artists Studio

MC DUVAL painting art piece for LIEUX open studio exhibit Photo: Jon Rose Photo Montreal

There is a reason people are so fascinated by the Artist archetype. Whether they are starving or striving, they seem free. Free to create fascinating things from depths we wished we allowed ourselves to go. Are you like me? Have you ever dreamed of being a fly on the wall of an artist’s studio? Well, sometimes dreams come true! Incredibly talented and passionate painter/photographer MC DUVAL is opening the doors to her Montreal studio and is inviting us in for the vernissage of her newest solo exhibit LIEUX on September 26 as of 5 p.m.

MC DUVAL – The Artist

Firstly, I had the chance to sneak a peak and meet the Kamouraska native at her studio to discuss her newest body of work in anticipation of this event. Barefoot and lightly covered in paint, MC greets me with such bright energy, as she always does. And you know she is in her element. She tells me that when working on a new painting, she gets into it almost as if in a trance, then stops painting when it feels like it is done and simply lets it go. Consequently, I find this very real, especially since to me art is more about connection than perfection.

New Collection – LIEUX

Secondly, this will be the first time color is featured in the artist’s usual black & white aesthetic.  A keen observer of nature and humanity, MC’s new collection gives us a glimpse into both. More specifically, LIEUX is about circles, cities and forests. It looks at duality: the chaos between the organic (trees, humans) and the inorganic (coldness of buildings). How as humans we interpret and live in our environment. She calls it an exploration of “feeling full while alone in nature VS. feeling lonely in a crowd full of people”.

A vernissage you cannot miss!

Finally, this is bound to be a wonderful event! Guests will enjoy free access to some kick ass art and will get an exclusive glimpse into an artist studio all to the sound of a live DJ.

On the evening of September 26th, you will find me either absorbed by a DUVAL piece or by the bar enjoying the drinks and tasty treats provided by Peroni, Wabasso Gin and Les glaceurs among others! The studio is located at 185 rue de Louvain West, Loft 402. For more details on the event you can check out the Facebook page and for more in-depth info about DUVAL art you can head to the official website!

MC DUVAL Expo Vernissage Open Studio Promo poster

We have been avid fans of MC DUVAL’s art for a few years now! For the first piece we wrote about her, head on over here!

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