Winter’s Daughter | Family Secrets Unveiled at Segal Centre

Walking down the street, I find myself creating stories for the strangers passing me by.  I think there isn’t a single person out there who doesn’t have a story to tell; from your neighbors, to the shop clerk and to your family. Consequently, these stories are the spark that ignites meaningful artistic creation. That being said,  from November 27 to December 8 the Tableau D’Hôte Theatre presents Winter’s Daughter at the Segal Centre Studio. Watch the story of your barber’s mother’s intriguing life unfold at the theater!

Winter’s Daughter – Family Secrets

First of all, K. David Brody’s short story The Peddler’s Daughter inspired the play which is based on famous Montreal barber Gino Chiarella’s life. Well, more specifically that of his mother, a first generation Canadian from Italy. After she passed, Gino returned to her hometown of Calabria to visit his family. Since his family is not Jewish, it was quite a surprise when his grandparents gave him his mother’s star of David necklace. Turns out, his mother never knew she was adopted or Jewish. You see, here lies a story of sacrifice and love and the secrets we can keep all of our lives.

Gino Chiarella - The Gazette - Photo: Allen McInnis
Gino Chiarella. Photo: Allen McInnis – The Gazette

Jesse Stong, Playwright

Secondly, the owner of Gino & Dino (mind you, there was never a Dino) felt it was important to tell this story.So, he shared it with playwright Jesse Stong who then wrote Winter’s Daughter. Stong’s work finds itself on a broad spectrum: from working with kids, to shows at the Fringe Festival, and to plays such as this one. Considering this broad spectrum, I had to ask Jesse what were the essential elements that inspire him to take on a project. His answer was a beautiful one.

“To me it is a play about the human spirit. I drew a lot on my beliefs in the spiritual power of the heart, and how children push us to surprise ourselves in times of trauma and struggle. How we have to survive for them, even when we want to collapse.” – Jesse Stong

Segal studio
Segal Centre Studio

Uncover the Secrets

To conclude, I can’t wait to experience this mysterious story at the Segal Centre next week. Plays that reach you on a deep level fascinate me. Of course, with a story like this, I think theatergoers won’t be able to help feeling connected and moved. If you are curious about Winter’s Daughter and the secrets that it will unveil, you can click here for more info and this is where you can get your tickets!

Lastly, The Segal Center always hosts an awesome variety of plays, some for all tastes! For example, you can check out our article about some other great theater we enjoyed at the Segal.

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