Imagine Van Gogh | Daydreaming at Arsenal Contemporary

One of the things I love about art is that it’s in constant evolution. As such, the work of previous artists inspires and influences new creations in multiple artistic mediums! This is exactly what you would see at the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit taking place at the Arsenal Contemporary (2020 William St) from December 6th to February 2nd. More specifically, expert visual curators explore the works of the master, Vincent Van Gogh, and offer us a new way to connect with his art through gorgeous technology!

Imagine Van Gogh – The Tortured Artist

Firstly, Vincent Van Gogh was a post-impressionist Dutch painter whose works were of landscapes, portraits and still life. Moreover, he painted much of the same topics as the impressionists but did so with more vivid colors and darker undertones. Consequently, he painted the real face of life: imperfect and dramatic, unlike the pastels and romance of his predecessors. However, quite unfortunately, the artist was not appreciated in his own time: his works gained immense popularity only after his death.

Image Totale – The Exhibit

Secondly, the designer of the exhibit, Annabelle Mauger, decided to take us on a Van Gogh journey through the concept of “image totale”. Actually, this was a revolutionary concept in projection art. Certainly, as the paintings are projected onto 8 meter tall floating canvases, on the floor and on 3D surfaces, the viewers find themselves INSIDE the paintings where they become familiar with their finest details.

Furthermore, as you walk through the space at your leasure, you create your own experience. As such, the result is that of an “enchanting fiction”. All in all, 200 paintings are projected including some from the most noteworthy periods of Van Gogh’s artistic journey: the Arles, the Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and the Auvers-sur-Oise periods.

My Daydream Experience

Lastly, I have only one word for my experience: magical. Before entering the main room, in the “antechamber”, I got to read about Van Gogh’s life and his art. Then you enter the larger-than-life projection room itself. So, since the Arsenal is in complete darkness, the lit-up projections are all you see, allowing for an even more intimate connection with the work. Furthermore, it was mesmerizing how seamlessly the projections on all surfaces worked together! Above all, the whole experience is set to moving classical music that one immediately recognizes and I felt transported.

Imagine Van Gogh Montreal. Arsenal Contemporary. Photo: Alexandra Margulescu


How can I Imagine Van Gogh?!

To sum up, the Imagine Van Gogh show was such a hit in Europe that its producers decided to bring it to our shores! Surely, this show is perfect for any fan of the post-impressionist artist and for anyone who is curious about experiencing his paintings in a new way! To me, I felt like I was truly living in a daydream! Finally, if you would like more information about the show you can click here and for tickets it’s over here. Very family friendly. Enjoy!

Imagine Van Gogh Montreal 2019. Photo: Alexandra Margulescu
Imagine Van Gogh Montreal 2019. Arsenal Contemporary. Photo: Alexandra Margulescu

“When the mistral’s blowing, though, it’s the very opposite of a pleasant land here, because the mistral’s really aggravating. But what a compensation, what a compensation, when there’s a day with no wind. What intensity of colours, what pure air, what serene vibrancy.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s work is featured around the world! We loved spotting some of his paintings during our visit to Chicago – you can read about it here!

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