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Art & the City April 2021 Montreal Jano Lapin

Here we are in April, the month of Montreal’s third winter. Good thing we have art and artistic events warming us up – crossing fingers that we do not enter yet another lockdown! On that note, let’s dive right into 9 ART things to do in Montreal this month a.k.a Art & the City April 2021 edition.

Take Me Out Tonight – Live Events

Carne Y Arena – ARSENAL Contemporary Art

9 things to do in Montreal April 2021. Arsenal
Carne Y Arena. Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Poster: Arsenal Contemporary Art

First, let’s go to the Arsenal. The contemporary art space presents Alejandro G. Iñárritu Oscar®-winning Carne Y Arena , an immersive virtual reality experience based on true events that “explores the human condition of refugees and migrants”. In fact, during what is bound to be a deeply powerful 20 minute experience, you will be able to walk in the shoes of refugees’ personal journey.

Furthermore, the price of admission includes all other Arsenal exhibits. More specifically #Selfieproject by photographer Véronique Duplain and Nœuds Sauvages, the sculptural works of Jean-Michel Othoniel!
  • Dates: Until July 11
  • Cost: 35$-50$

Latent Space & Ocular Oscillation – Satosphere

Next up is the Society des Arts Technologiques (SAT) for two other immersive experiences. These experience are Latent Space & Ocular Oscillation and take place in the Satosphere dome where viewers are enveloped in sound and image! While the former brings the virtual into the architectural with soundscapes that melt into each other, the latter dissolves your physical points of reference to explore disordered perceptions.

  • Dates: Until April 24
  • Cost: 21$ (students 15$)

Origins Photo Exhibit – Montreal Planetarium

We continue our journey to Origins, an exhibit of giant-format photos exploring evolution and life on Earth. This exhibit was created by photographer Olivier Grunewald and journalist Bernadette Gilbertas. Moreover, you can experience Origins either at the Planetarium (tickets give access to exhibits + two films) or take a virtual tour online (free).

  • Dates: Until May 31
  • Cost: 16.50$ (students 12.75$)

Phi Foundation + Phi Centre + Phi VR to GO

9 things to do in Montreal April 2021. PHI
Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Perrotin. Photo: Guillaume Ziccarelli + Phi Foundation
Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art

Our next stop has to be in Old Montreal to see all things PHI! The Phi Foundation presents Lee Bae: Union, an exhibition steeped in the artist’s history and lifelong exploration of charcoal in both the physical and metaphorical senses. Actually, the show features over 40 works of charcoal in multiple forms from painting to sculpture and to installation.

Phi Centre

Then, we head over to the Phi Centre to forget time as we let ourselves be transported by the Parallel Lines exhibit. More precisely, the featured works of art are the result of 10 virtual artists’ residencies. These artworks are multi-sensory and range from the visual to the poetic to the imaginary – you may actually physically interact with some of them!

VR Movie Night In. Photo: Phi Centre/PHI VR TO GO
Phi VR to GO

Last but not least, before heading home, you can pick up your reserved VR headset for an artistic movie night in with Phi VR to GO. The headsets come pre-filled with one of two programs, each featuring 5-10 short films.

  1. Discover the World : “Take a trip around the world through moving, inspiring and provocative personal stories.”
  2. Imaginary Tales: “Transport yourself in fantasy, dark and bewitching universes with Altas V’s works.”

Dates & Cost

  • Foundation: Until June 20 – Free
  • Centre: Until June 15 – 10$ to 30$, at your discretion
  • VR to GO: Until April 30 – 45$

Orchestre Métropolitain (OM) Live Shows

9 things to do in Montreal April 2021. Orchestre Metropolitain

Now that concert halls are somewhat open, not only may you enjoy a glorious classical music concert by the Orchestre Métropolitan live, you may do so in the grandiose Maison Symphonique de Montreal. In April, there will be two shows: Mozart to Brahms and Symphonic Brahms both conducted by Montreal (and my) favorite Yannick Nézet-Séguin!

  • Dates: April 11 & 17
  • Cost: Starting at 86.23$

Cool Neighborhood Gallery Musts

My Magic Reality Exhibit – Jano Lapin Gallery

9 things to do in Montreal April 2021. Jano Lapin Gallery

Firstly, we have My Magic Reality, the second exhibit of the new Jano Lapin Gallery at the heart of Verdun. I’m talking 22 amazing local artists, I’m talking urban art, I’m talking painting and photography, I’m talking sculpture and installation and the list goes on. More explicitly, this new show looks at the intimate imagined refuges we create in our minds to escape and process our current reality and each artist gives us a glimpse of theirs.

  • Dates: Until June 4
  • Cost: Free
Chromatik – La Guilde

9 things to do in Montreal April 2021. La Guilde

Secondly, I suggest La Guilde, an artistic non-profit organisation specializing in Inuit and First Nations art. The gallery has a permanent collection and this month you will also enjoy Chromatik, whose artists focus on the transformative power of color in art and life. This is the Guilde’s first short-term show part of their new POP-UP series.

  • Dates: Until April 25
  • Cost: Free

Balado – Centre des mémoires montréalaises (MEM)

When the weather thaws, I am grabbing a friend and time-traveling on the MEM’s self-guided walking tour of three Montreal vanished neighborhoods. This is a podcast series that provides a map and audio commentary at each stop, where you will learn about each neighborhood and the life of its former citizens!

  • Dates: Permanent
  • Cost: Free

The Cold Always Bothered Me Anyway – Online Events

Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatre – Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM)

9 things to do in Montreal April 2021. TNM
Abraham Lincoln va au théâtre. Photo: Jean-François Gratton, Shoot studio | une communication compagnie et cie

Last but not least, I wanted to feature an online event, as these are still the art world’s bread and butter these days. If you are jonesing for some theatre, the TNM is presenting Abraham Lincoln va au théâtre, a comedic re-telling of the historic night American President Abraham Lincoln got assassinated at the theater. The Laurel & Hardy style play will be available in webcast format.

  • Dates: Until April 18
  • Cost: 20$

Parting Words

If you have chosen to discover some of these 9 Art things to do this April, we’d love to hear about your experiences below or on Social Media! That being said, I can’t wait to see you next month for the 4th edition of Art & the City!

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