Singer-Songwriter Sara Diamond Won’t Hold Back Baring Her Heart

Singer-songwriter Sara Diamond

If you know her name, you know her heart. Montreal singer-songwriter Sara Diamond won’t hold back when it comes to baring her heart in her music. 

Diamond has just released her latest single “Say My Name Again” and it stays true to exactly what makes her stand out as an alternative R&B pop artist; her emotional honesty. 

Diamond’s strong vocals are enough to draw you in right from the start, but there’s more to her music. The singer prides herself on her honesty. “I’m most proud of my ability to speak whatever truth is going on at the moment inside of myself” said Diamond.

The road to “Say My Name Again”

Diamond got her start in music at the young age of five, recording with her mom’s record label, now called Kiboomers. Since then, the singer has acquired quite the decorated list of accomplishments. She’s released numerous singles, albums and music videos, but that’s not all. The R&B pop artist is known for having sung the national anthem at several Habs games. She has even performed at one of Canada’s largest music festivals right here in Montreal, Osheaga. She’s a Montreal artist through and through.

Singer-songwriter Sara Diamond
Sara Diamond. Photographer: Annie Rhodes Kane

When it comes to her evolution as an artist, Diamond said she’s truly come into her own as the years have gone on. “There’s a lot of self work that I’ve done that may not be directly connected to music but through evolving from a girl into a woman, it’s been able to affect my process as a songwriter and as an artist,” she said. “The natural evolution of being a woman has been the biggest factor in my growth as an artist.”

In addition, Diamond’s original sound encompasses the influences she grew up on. The singer grew up listening to India Arie, Amanda Marshall and Christina Aguilera, amongst other soulful artists. Getting a little older, she turned more towards the indie pop scene. Now, listening to her music you can definitely hear she’s struck a great balance between the music she loves and creating a sound that is unique to her.

What sets her apart is her smooth yet soulful voice and the honesty intertwined in her lyrics. “I worked with a lot of musicians growing up. Hearing funk, hearing live bass and guitar and drums, and just feeling the groove must have done something to me,” she said. “That’s where I find I come alive.” 

Creating community through music

Diamond’s honest truth allows her music to be relatable. While, her songs often revolve around her love life and heartbreak, it’s fair to say she’s not the only one who feels those emotions. This is exactly what she wants to share with her fans. 

“We kind of live in a world where you hide your feelings. You might be feeling sad about something but you gloss it over, you meet someone else. There are ways to distract us from our pain,” she said. “I really hope they can feel something and access that part of them they might put away. For a few minutes, I hope they can be in the present with themselves.”

Her latest release is a testimony to just that. “Say My Name Again” is all about wanting to give a relationship one last shot, something I’m sure we’ve all considered at least once. Diamond explained it’s about “thinking about all of the promises that were made. Just saying ‘I’ll put it to rest, I’ll put it all away if you never want to say my name again but if you do, I’m here.’” 

On top of another great new song, the artist just released a music video to go with “Say My Name Again”. The video shows just how far she’s come in her evolution as a woman and as an artist. 

Diamond looks gorgeous in the video and her voice is as strong as ever. Take a look at the video here and it might just leave you wanting more.

Sara Diamond WON’T HOLD BACK AND isn’t slowing down

For her fans and those who have yet to discover her, there’s some good news. Sara Diamond is not slowing down any time soon. Few days go by when Diamond isn’t working on her music and it makes it clear just how passionate about her craft she is.

Sara Diamond
Sara Diamond. Photographer: Jasper Soloff

While it’s clear her hard work and devotion are paying off, Diamond is striving for even more. With millions of streams already and thousands of followers on Instagram she says she’s “getting closer and closer to a point where it’s all becoming sustainable. I can see the growth and I can see how opportunities are coming in.” 

Diamond is learning to trust the process. She’s trusting herself and her team in order to move forward everyday. I have no doubt that with her passionate work ethic, strong vocals and simply good music, Diamond will reach all of her goals moving forward.

What’s next for Sara Diamond?

Diamond is working on her goals to get more involved in the music festival season and hopefully eventually do a world tour. “Say My Name Again” was only the beginning of what’s to come. The singer says we can expect an EP in the next few months and two singles leading up to it. 

While you wait, be sure to follow what she’s up to on her Instagram and through her website. I know I’ll be listening to my favourite song of hers “Drugs in the Bathroom” on repeat until then!

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