A Summer of Laughter with Montreal Comedy Club

A summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club is underway.

It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself sitting under bright stage lights and kicking off a summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club. As I sat front and center, eager to finally be back attending a live event, the comedians of Montreal Comedy Club had me in tears while they performed their individual stand-up sets. Naturally, I left wanting to tell everyone: go crack some laughs and buy some tickets to one of their shows! 

What is Montreal Comedy Club?

For a club that is only three years old, Montreal Comedy Club has made an impressive mark on the city. While the club started off with only one show a week, they now present six shows weekly. Excitingly, they will soon present seven of them. 

A summer of laughs with Montreal Comedy Club continues.
The stage for a Montreal Comedy Club show at Brass Door. Photo by Olivia Piché

As a staple of Montreal’s comedic scene, Montreal Comedy Club serves the community in more ways than one. The club has a mission to not only bring the city some comedic entertainment and get Montreal’s streets echoing with laughter, but they also have big goals for shaping their comedians and paving the way for their career growth. The club is composed of comics of all styles that range from beginners to professionals. Along with the diversity in comedians, the abundance of shows ensures something for everyone’s taste. 

How to kickstart your summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club 

The club has no shortage of shows for you to choose from. They present open-mics where comics can try out new material, comedy showcases, and events featuring professional comedians as well as those newly entering the pro-level.

Additionally, the shows take place all over the city. The club aims to build steady relationships with venues around Montreal. Consequently, you might notice most of their shows take place within a steady range of venues. Their comedians can be found at spots like Brass Door, Peroni, McKibbins, Melrose and Lord William. The club continues to feature comedians almost every night and the best way to find a show you would love is to visit their website.

A summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club is underway.
A rooftop comedy show at Muzique. Photo by Sid Khullar

What’s more? The club puts on a variety of special events as well! For the second time, they will be putting on their comedy festival entitled Montreal Comedy Series. The festival will take place at the end of August and will present close to 25 shows. What a way to come full circle at the end of our summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club!

The festival’s first edition was eagerly welcomed last year by Montrealers. In order to make sure you’re in on the fun this year, you can find updates on the festival site right here.

Go have some laughs!

If you’re looking for some evening entertainment that might just make your cheeks hurt, look no further.

“Expect a good time and a laugh. Get ready for an hour and a half of entertainment and something different.” – Montreal Comedy Club founder, Sid Khullar

If you’re inclined to get your laugh on, you’re not the only one. Tickets sell out quickly so be sure to buy yours in advance either on their Facebook page or website.

A summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club continues
Courtesy Montreal Comedy Club

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