A summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club is underway.
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A Summer of Laughter with Montreal Comedy Club

It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself sitting under bright stage lights and kicking off a summer of

Creative Encounters

Montreal’s Vibrant Poetry Scene and Inspired Poet Rachel McCrum

It’s no secret that our city is home to a vast artistic community, one that includes the Montreal’s vibrant poetry

Singer-songwriter Sara Diamond
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Singer-Songwriter Sara Diamond Won’t Hold Back Baring Her Heart

If you know her name, you know her heart. Montreal singer-songwriter Sara Diamond won’t hold back when it comes to

Poésie Partout 2 021 Promo Poster - Rencontres multilingues en poésie
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Rencontres multilingues en poésie | Eight Days of Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

This past week, Amanda Gorman took the stage at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, reminding us of the power of spoken word

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Festival Mode & Design | The Finest of Montreal’s Fashion Industry

Montreal is known for its fashionable people and creative minds and the festival of Mode & Design proves it. Gathering

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MUTEK | Créativité digital | Dans les Oreilles et la Peau

MUTEK c’est 19 années de mise en valeur de l’art sonore et visuel. C’est un festival international de créativité numérique