DIVINA DALI | A Visual Expression of “The Divine Comedy” in Old Montreal

In Montreal, we are lucky to have innovative producers who push the limits of what we are used to experiencing! This is true for the new art exhibit DIVINA DALI, in Old Montreal, which will be presented until October 31st, 2021.  The exhibit was created by producers La giraffe en feu who focuses on Salvatore Dali’s extensive’s life work.

This visual arts exhibit, DIVINA DALI explores 101 artworks of the famous Spanish surrealist artist Salvator Dali. Considered one of the most famous and prolific artists of the 20th century, Dalí pushed the aesthetic boundaries of art.

The Divine Comedy

These impressive artworks represent Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, which is composed of 100 cantos (one artwork for each canto).  In fact, these moving artworks created by Dali were commissioned by the Italian government, to celebrate Alighieri, 700 years after his death.

The Divine Comedy is usually held to be one of the world’s great works of literature. Divided into three major sections—Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso—the narrative traces the journey of Dante from darkness and error to the revelation of the divine light, culminating in the Beatific Vision of God.

Walking through the exhibit which is in a beautiful venue in the Old Port of Montreal, you will sense these three sections distinctively.  My personal favorite was the Inferno section which moved me.

The Experience, and How to Buy Tickets?

What I loved is that there was someone dedicated to answering your questions in each room.  Any questions you may have on the artworks, Dali or the Divine Comedy.   These discussions and insights can make such a difference in the overall experience so don’t hesitate to use them!  I find this can be very helpful and enjoyable, particularly when you are not necessarily an art connoisseur.

Visitors will be able to purchase their tickets online on the Divina Dali website for the price of 22$ plus tax for Adults or at a reduced rate of 19$ plus tax. The exhibition will be presented at the Grand Quai in Old Montreal until October 31st, 2021, from Tuesday to Sunday. Don’t miss it!

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Photographe: Annie Rousseau


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