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Le collectif artistique 8 fait vibrer le Québec!

L’art à Québec Pour le collectif 8, l’idée est simple: faire vibrer l’art à Québec. Il y a chez ces

Zoé Boivin | Charming, Colourful and Joyful Paintings

I met Zoe when I dropped in the elegant lifestyle shop Vestibule in the Mile End. The young visual artist was there

Sylvie Adams | Fascinating Canadian Abstract Artist

Sylvie Adams’ abstract artwork is intriguing, mysterious and even hypnotizing.  When you look at it, you aren’t sure where to

Cultural Lifestyle

Bakersfield Mist Play | Centaur Theater | Abstract Art

At some point in your life, young or old, you probably had a moment where you saw a painting and