Under Pressure XXI social mouvement

For its 21st year, Montreal’s Under Pressure International Graffiti festival is creating an artistic and social impact this coming weekend.  From Wednesday, August 10th to Sunday, August 14th – a wide range of activities will take place in downtown (see map below) during this hip/hop urban inspired celebration.

Over a 100 local, national and international artists come to participate in the event. On the agenda: the creation of murals on over ten walls, artists actions on urban properties, musical performances, street dance competition, kids activities, guided tours and more.

Montreal’s urban artistic community is growing and this year, has decided to embrace two distinct social issues regarding the hip hop/urban community.  Struggles have been apparent for the queer and aboriginal artists in relations with the festival’s related urban themes. To help combat these obstacles, branding this year was created  by a artist from the Naikun Raven clan, Corey Bulpitt known for his indigenous style.  Having these two social matters intertwined into the festival creates a positive light on a culture which was once attached to perhaps more negative issues such as violence, drugs, etc. Free of charge you can attend discussions on these topics during the festival’s Off the Record conferences happening Friday.
 You can show up over the weekend during the day and have your eyes and ears filled with explosive sounds and visual appeal as activities will be continuous and various throughout the festival area.  Most of them are free of charge and streets will be closed. You can head over during the day (Saturday & Sunday) without too much planned which can be nice after a busy week. Dance competitions, various DJs and more -you will be entertained thoroughly.  If you like Montreal’s MURAL festival – you will be pleased to know that some of our city’s walls will be painted over the weekend by selected talented artists.
There are also some events in the evening that you can attend. Here are some of my highlights:
Wednesday, August 10th – 8PM
I am looking forward to Beaux-Dégats, the launching event at Foufounes Électroniques.  The event consists of 12 teams using all types of mediums except spray paint for a visual art piece throughout the evening.
Friday August 11th – 7PM
Happening at the festival’s associated gallery, Fresh Paint, there is a vernissage for the (W) RAP it up exhibition.
Saturday August 12th – 9PM
Another event at the Fresh Paint gallery but focused on music- don’t miss Jungle pressure
For more detailed information on the festival – check out their website here.
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