PARTY ON STAGE ! Place des Arts Fundraiser

Performing arts meets urban street art in the 7th annual edition of Rentrée Nocturne on Friday, November 11th.  Dance on stage at Place des Arts (PdA) and support their Foundation. Produced by MASSIVart, a Montreal company synonym for breakthrough artistic event productions, you are sure to be blown away.  Live art performed by artist Scaner (see pics below) will be combined with 500 people and you feeling like ballerinas on Maisonneuve theater. Other unique surprises are also promised!


MASSIVart producer of Chromatic is now putting their first stamp on an art related fundraiser.  What a perfect collabo!  For $150/ticket – be ready to dive into the underground world of Montreal’s urban art world while wearing your prettiest dress or bow tie.  Fancy and grungy – I can’t wait! Walk through the corridors of the oldest performing arts center of Canada (53 years old) to arrive on stage where some of the most talented national artists have performed.  Sounds kind of epic to me.  Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get ready for a crowd of 1500 people in your dressing room? This event is designed to make you feel like an artist but party like a rock star.  Tickets are available here.

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La Rentrée Nocturne has raised over $240K over the last 7 years for the PdA foundation that has numerous objectives such as:
1) Education and audience awareness of the performing arts, particularly among young people.
2)  Increasing the accessibility of various population groups to artistic productions from home and abroad
3) Audience development for innovative projects that Place des Arts may produce, on its own or with partners.
4) Artistic research, experimentation, and creation

Partying in a unique place while supporting a cause that will benefit the creative generations to come – don’t miss La Rentrée Nocturne on November 11th at Place des Arts!

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