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Russian-born model turned dedicated artist Ekaterina Antonova (known as Kate) is about to make waves in the art scene of Montreal. Her first vernissage is happening next Thursday, November 17th and it’s going to be HOT! ¨When you bring a painting home, you bring in all the energy it has into your house¨ she says – well I can assure you that Kate’s arts are stunningly beautiful and translate into nothing but good vibes. The eyes of a peaceful and colorful polar bear looking straight at you are powerful yet soothing.  Being an animal lover myself – her Animalize collection will surely be a great success.


Other than being stunningly gorgeous (recently posing for Aldo!) – her dedication to her Art is empowering.  At 22 years old, she is studying International Business at Concordia, but she states ¨my dream is to be an artist and always has been – why wait until I graduate to start?¨.  Her maturity for her age is evident as she tells me she has lived and traveled to many countries.  She can speak four languages! Impressive all around.  Despite her success as a model, she has been studying Art since she is 12 in Russia and in Israel.   At 17, she moved to Montreal by herself after living in small-town Rimouski, QC with her parents.

We discussed her recent memorable experience at the popular annual event Burning Man.  The escapade showcases artwork from renowned international artists but at the end of the week – they burn it all down.  She states ¨I think that showing the ability to let go of something material (such as the art installations) is the strongest expression of freedom¨.  She then explains that the event was the strongest feeling of liberty she had ever experienced. The rhino painting below is an expression of the ordeal.


Being a successful artist takes a lot of talent, but she was quick to mention all the needed support she has to get where she is today. She is an independent artist (not attached to a gallery yet), and her first exposition is being funded, in part, by Kickstarter (click here to donate).   She has a team of five volunteers (Jee Hye, Julia Fata, Kira Stolberg, Krista Leetmaa, Lilya Mincheva) that support her in addition to her loving boyfriend, Jonathan Kanevsky.  She is clear on the fact that she could never have done this without their help.  Her humbleness towards them was touching.  She is a talented woman but is also willing to learn and evolve from others.  She showcases this trait in such a transparent way that I have no doubt that she will keep growing as a successful artist.

For all the event details on Thursday, November 17th at Entrepôt Dominion, click here and her website here.

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