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What if Art Ruled the World? Stikki Peaches’ famous tagline.  The question is, does it rule YOUR world? For Stikki, it definitely does.  The beloved Montreal street artist has been spreading his love of hope with art since 2009 and has since become a sensation! Anonymous yes but his work – always relatable and genuine. You get a sense of already knowing the artist just by looking at his choice of characters and style.  Tattoo covered Mozart (aka MoZ) looking at you straight in the eye, and a smoking hot Kate Moss holding a bottle of Dom Perignon are two examples. This man has flair, charisma and keeps it real from his heart.  If you don’t know his name yet – learn it.

Sometimes we start something in life without really knowing why and it becomes faith.  Mr. Peaches is one of those people.  Unexpected life events pushed him into rediscovering his love of drawing and imagery.  What started out as a sort of therapy – his street art adventures were quickly noticed by urban art galleries.  Time passed, and things seem to fall into place as Stikki finally decided to start working his craft.  It all happened so naturally, yet it came from a place of despair and outreach for the Montrealer.  Stikki Peaches creates pieces that make people stop, snap a pic or stare in the street – spreading love all over the city.  Well, Montrealers sent the love right back to him, and the world is following.  He is a real life art angel.

When we met the anonymous artist – we were thrilled to discover who the man behind the BatBond was. The character he created mixed between Batman and James Bond – the perfect male combination?   Well, we were not disappointed with our encounter.  Humble, mysterious but true to himself; he is the kind of artist we need more of.  We walked around his mesmerizing studio and even got the chance to “step” on pieces of paper that will be part of future art pieces.  That was exciting and according to Stikki – part of the work in process.  Love it!  Regardless of his commercial success, Stikki has promised to stay true to his roots of creating street art as well.

The art angel is busy with multiple creative projects.  Some of them we can’t even tell you about!  The street artist has an innovative approach to collaborations that come naturally to him. Despite being anonymous, he has an open mind and isn’t afraid of initiating original schemes without “trying too hard.”  He makes it seem easy!  For example, during the popular MURAL festival in Montreal – he surprised everyone by creating an enormous Ghostbuster inspired piece overnight (see below for a pic).   Being around him, his studio, his beautiful WIP pieces, his collection of Funkos (so cute!) and soccer scarfs (#sporty)- gave us a boost of positive, creative energy.  Actually, it felt a lot like a bonified version of seeing his street art unexpectedly in the city.  It felt great!

Another thing we love about Peaches is that he interacts with fans by placing pieces of art in various locations around the city for them to find it (he posts about it on social media).  It can definitely turn into a bit of a rat race for some but if you are lucky enough to get there first – you just scored yourself a unique piece! He told us the story of how someone turned the painted palette he left behind into a coffee table. Now that is DIY project turned #stikki.

Stikki Peaches is the current featured urban artist of Romeo’s Gin, his spirit of choice.  He will be working on numerous projects with the Montreal-based company in the next year.   You can now find Stikki Peaches’ art in two galleries in Montreal, Gallery Le Royer and Station 16.  He is currently finalizing his artwork that is going to be featured at one of the biggest art fairs in the world, Art Basel in Miami (his 4th year now!).

Despite the popularity of his known pieces, he is slowly starting to create new characters named #Reboots.  You will be able to see this new series in the next year (see the featured pic for a sneak peek ).   He is also a featured artist in galleries around the world in places such as Paris (Gallerie Geraldine Zberro), Toronto (Thompson Landry Gallery), LA (Art Angels), New Jersey and in Australia!   As you can see, he is a very occupied Peach!  We still don’t know where his name comes from (he didn’t tell us), but we will hopefully find out next time. 😉

As for the rest of his upcoming projects and developing artwork – you will need to follow him on Instagram here or on Facebook here to find out more.

P.S. Thanks for the new nickname #J-Bugs.

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