MC Duval | Painter & Photographer | Shining B&W Artist

Mysterious, dramatic and unique.  MC Duval’s art tends to capture the viewer’s attention instantly.  This criminology graduate has a desire for emotional connectivity which brought her to have a sharp change of careers at the young age of 25.  Focused and determined, this Kamouraska born artist was on her way to starting a Ph.D. in the same field before discovering her artistic passion.  Unexpectedly, she found herself painting in her parent’s basement over the holidays in 2013 and “the rest is history.”  Slowly but surely, MC has since recreated a life path that is self-fulfilling which she is just as proud of as her academic feats.



Courage.  It takes a lot to forcefully pursue new life goals in an unfamiliar territory.  Without having any friends and family in the art world – Duval followed her heart by continuing to paint as a low budget student stimulated by her passion.   Painting on anything she could find – she had humble beginning’s that were fuelled by the desire to discover.  She now paints on a variety of things such as MDF, wood, cardboard, furniture and of course, canvas.  Each matter has its own attributes that illustrate her art differently.   During her many travels, MC had discovered that photography was an original way to express herself while exploring new territories.  She has since developed those skills and also exposes as a photographer.

Soon enough, she had potential buyers who were interested in acquiring her black and white artworks.  At first, it wasn’t easy for her to give up her work – but she soon realized that selling it, letting go, was actually beneficial to her creativity.  Her style and themes are varied as she is fully exploring her talents and potential.  To flourish in her full capacity, she has decided to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts – hopefully starting in the Fall of 2017.  For now, the only thing she is sure of is that using “color” isn’t in her painting priorities.

Funny enough when you meet her – her personality seems to be contrasting to her art.  She is smiling, energetic, bubbly and full of life!  She is curious and spontaneous – she suddenly stops mid-conversation to wave at a child standing by us in Tommy Cafe.  Knowing she studied criminology and seeing her dark paintings – you might expect a dark and quiet person.  However, her art seems to evoke wisdom and depth which are noticeable traits but not necessarily at the surface.

She shared the story of a commission work she did that brought the buyer to tears when he first saw it.  She invited this stranger from “the internet” into her home to showcase the finished work and felt immense emotion while sharing the particular moment with this unknown human.  Experiences like this are why she chose art over criminology.  Sharing moments, meeting people and connecting with others are reasons why so many people, like MC, appreciate Art in their life.  MC has found her joie de vivre in all of it, and we look forward to seeing her talent, style, and themes develop.

Her next vernissage in Montreal is on Friday, February 3rd.  You can find the event information here.  Her Facebook page is here. You can find her website here.

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