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Kevin Jenne understands that being an artist is not just being good at using a paintbrush.  He knows when to grasp on an opportunity when he sees it! In today’s market, everyone needs to fend for themselves, including in the art world.  Inspired by some exceptional former Canadian artists, his work showcases familiarities that are undoubtedly engaging.  He uses vivid colors, and as a Montreal native, the familiar settings in his artworks are uplifting.

I met with Kevin who revealed to me his friendly and open personality. He is joyful, upbeat and a pleasure to be around.  It is not surprising that he is avid and experienced doing live art events.  While drinking a delicious coffee from Cafe Gentile,  it was a lovely encounter where he told me about his experiences as an artist and as an artistic entrepreneur!


You have done so many types of work involving Art such as owning a gallery in Mexico! What did you learn from that experience that you would like to share (or your most valuable lesson)?

There are a few valuable lessons in the opening and running of an art gallery. First would be as an artist you do not need to ask for permission, you can just do it. The other lesson would be that you can not do it alone. You will need different peoples experience and skills, so be open to working with other people who may not be artists but love art.

Do you have a most memorable experience you would like to share as an artist?

For me the most memorable experiences are when something is just an idea, then it develops. There is considerable satisfaction when the project is complete. This often happens with painting commissions, where a client would like a specific subject at a particular size. When the painting is on the wall, and the client is happy, for me that is a memorable experience.

There is one event that took this to another level. After selling a painting at the gallery in Mexico to the owner of a sizeable Canadian company. I did some research and found out that they had a connection to a charity for kids. Having some time I decided to create a painting that could raise money for the charity. They happily took the painting and invited me to an event where it would be sold. It was an incredible experience to see it being auctioned off with multiple bids that raised a substantial amount of money for the charity. It leads to many other commissions that were completed the following year.

Kevin Jenne Canadian Artist ArtworkKevin Jenne Canadian Artist Artwork landscapeConsidering that you are an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit, what advice would you like to give artists who are just starting?

The advice I would give to an artist who is just starting is to be open and adaptable. All the best things that have happened to me have not been planned. Go out and prepare an exhibition if a gallery is not doing it for you. Invite the people around you to ask for help and people will be there for you. Be prepared for the unexpected. There is always something that happens’s and when it does go in that direction.

Is there anything you would like to add?

The only thing I would add is that the world needs more creativity. Creativity is the solution to problems, {Quote by David Lynch}. I feel that art is what makes us more human. It allows us to explore the perception of the world around us. It gives us comfort, and sometimes it’s the start of a movement to make the world that we live in a better place.

For more information on Kevin Jenne, you can visit his website here.

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