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When was the last time you have seen puppet theatre show?  You may be misinformed and think that puppetry is only for children.  In Montreal, we are lucky to have Casteliers’ Festival which reunites puppet companies from all over the world once a year and now in their 13th edition.  In 2018, they chose to focus on inviting North American organizations.  The four-day marathon of exquisite plays is happening Thursday, March 8 to Sunday, March 11th, 2018. From a mute performance of Macbeth to a more conventional puppetry production from The Daisy Theatre – there is a show for everyone!  Adults, children, English and French speakers,  can all be embraced to participate in this fun-loving extravaganza.

Puppet theatre is an art style that is often misunderstood because we are not exposed to it as much as other art forms.  In fact, visual arts meets performing arts when marionettes are involved and grants the creator tremendous creative flexibility.   Be bold and try something new by assisting a show you may not get the chance to see again.  Regardless of your puppetry going habits, you will surely be entertained.

For the full schedule and details on the shows, visit their website here and the calendar here.Casteliers logo puppet montreal

Casteliers 13th edition 2018 Puppet Theatre

Casteliers 13th edition 2018 Puppet Theatre

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Casteliers 13th edition 2018 Puppet Theatre

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