Illumination FRANKENSTEIN | Immersive Satosphere Experience at the SAT

Halloween is on everyone’s mind this week but I wanted to experience the mysterious mood of this time of year outside of the standard Montreal party scene.  I was thrilled to discover the event “Illumination Frankenstein: Voyage au cœur du mythe”.

More specifically, this immersive conference takes place from November 6th to November 8th at 7 p.m. at the Societé des Arts Technologiques (SAT) in their Satosphere space.  I was immediately curious and engaged to find out more!

200th Anniversary Event

First of all, this event celebrates the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s famous novel: Frankenstein. Some consider the book to be the first work of science fiction. Because it was so successful, artists created multiple works based on this modern myth. This includes works of literature, film, theater, etc.

For a bit of background, the novel is the story of Victor Frankenstein. He is a scientist who creates a human-like creature using macabre methods. The man then has to deal with the dire consequences of his actions. Haunting indeed!

Conference Presenters

Secondly, sociologist Céline Lafontaine will be giving the conference. She also collaborated with artists/experts Yan Breuleux and Luc Courchesne. She will be exploring Shelley’s life and the world in which she created this story.

At the time of publication, Frankenstein was already exploring the effects of modernity. Therefore it also alluded to issues born from Shelley’s beliefs that women are at the forefront of social change. The themes of this novel are still relevant to this day and “bring on a reflection on the conquest, manipulation, and devastation of the living world”.

Immersive Experience in the Satosphere

Interestingly, this is not your run of the mill conference. The audience will live a multi-artistic experience through the immersive features of this performance. So if you have never set foot in the Satosphere before, get ready to activate all your senses.

This unique space at the SAT is a huge dome that becomes a 360-degree canvas for projections. And just like the visuals, it has the capacity to envelop you with sound as well. Now THAT is an appealing conference for me! The Jano Lapin team also attended MUTEK events in this space. It really is quite a memorable experience.

Travel Back in Time

If you would like to travel to the 19th century and get to know an iconic author that was ahead of her time, this event is for you! For more information click here and for tickets, it’s right over here.

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